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VINData Title and History Reports bring auto and other used vehicle insurers important information to help to uncover fraud during originations and claims. Assist in investigations and provide a valuable service to insurance consumers on their vehicles.

  • Underwriting and claims processing areas each benefit from understanding a vehicle’s title history, and other history events like title brands, mileage, theft history, liens and unrepaired recalls
  • Total loss valuations and special investigations – be sure to uncover potentially fraudulent activity
  • Value added service – provide a link to the VINData History website from your consumer-facing auto insurance site to assist your customers when they are shopping for a used vehicle
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  • Why VINData History Reports
  • Report Data
  • Volume API, Batch and Exception Reports
  • Supported Vehicle Types
  • VINData History Reports vs. Carfax and Autocheck
  • Easy to Use Dashboard
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Report Data

Report Data

VINData History Title and History Reports gives you more data for your money. Our reports check for:

DMV Title History and Brands

Virtually real time current and historical state DMV title data from NMVTIS with title state, date, and odometer reading. Includes over 70 title brands such as Junk, Salvage, Flood Damage, and True Mileage Unknown.Our reports match the DMV, reducing title conveyance problems

Junk/Salvage/Insurance Total Loss

Current and historical information from junk yards, dismantlers, salvage auctions and insurance companies give insight into vehicles that may have sustained major damage. Includes company name, date, damage type and disposition.

Open NHTSA/Mfgr. Recalls

Open NHTSA and manufacturer recalls which can indicate serious problems with the vehicle, including Takata airbag recalls. Shows recall date, description, severity, whether it should be driven, reimbursable repair amount and more.

Vehicle Values

Vehicle valuation information reported from leading sources like Manheim Market Report (MMR), Black Book and J.D. Power for all vehicle types bring wholesale, trade-in, and retail values to you where you need it.

Open Liens

Open lien information from many leading auto lenders and title loan companies, the report shows the bank name and date the lien was reported. Vehicles with open liens may have problems with title conveyance.

Active and Recovered Theft

Active and recovered theft records from law enforcement and insurance sources show when a vehicle has been reported as stolen, either in active or recovered status.

Odometer Information

Current and historical odometer readings from DMV titles and other sources show the progression of mileage readings over time and can indicate an odometer rollback.

Other Information

VINData Title and History Reports also include collision and damage information from limited state and federal sources, export information, original factory warranty information, NHTSA 5-star crash ratings, and vehicle specification information from VIN decode.


See how VINData History Title and History Reports stack up vs. the competition. We built this service from the ground up to work for dealers. Open an account now with no obligation to buy. No monthly minimums.

Autos, Motorcycles, Powersports, Commercial trucks, RV, classicsAutos only. Limited motorcycle, commercial, RVAutos only. Limited motorcycle
Vehicle values including MMR, Black Book and J.D. PowerCarfax provides their own values
Open lien data
Active theft data
Active recall data with severity, stop sale and stop drive
Interactive digital report
Mobile-friendly dealer site
Batch report capability
Unlimited Report or Pre-paid Account options
Non-expiring report credits and no annual contracts
90-day per report usage rights
Why Choose VINData History

Why Choose VINData History

VINData History Title and History Reports brings you great data, a dealer-friendly service, knowledgeable management and customer service team that cannot be matched.

  • Provides real-time title data from NMVTIS, a US government agency
  • Data matches state DMVs. Most up-to-date data in market
  • Better title, salvage and insurance total loss information indicating major damage
  • Unique active theft, open recall, open lien and vehicle value data not available from other vendors
  • Powerful dealer dashboard with batch reporting and printing capability
  • Friendly terms and pricing that won’t lead you to spend more per report than you think you are
  • Very easy to work with – no annual contract or monthly minimums

Supported Vehicle Types

VINData History Title and History Reports brings you great data, a dealer-friendly service, knowledgeable management and customer service team.

  • Autos, including SUVs, CUVs, pickups and sedans and coupes
  • Motorcycles, from on-road cruisers to mopeds, and off-road when titled by a state
  • Powersport vehicles like ATVs, UTVs, OHVs and side-by-sides and snowmobiles when titled by a state
  • On-road commercial vehicles such as medium and heavy-duty trucks. We also have data for some truck trailers
  • Recreational vehicles such as Class A, Class B and Class C motorized campers
  • Classic vehicles, including classic cars, classic motorcycles and pickup trucks. Certain classic cars made in the USA from 1956-1971 also can have a VIN decode
  • Friendly terms and pricing that won’t lead you to spend more per report than you think you are
Easy-to-Use Report Dashboard

Easy-to-Use Report Dashboard

The report dashboard, accessible after log-in, enables dealers to:

  • Create your own custom report by selecting data by type, such as Title, Recall, or Lien and Theft
  • Quickly and easily run new single reports, or re-run previously run reports
  • Run batches of reports of up to 1000 VINs at one time. Great for pre-auction runs
  • Search, sort and view previously run reports (view those run within 90-days)
  • View and print one or multiple reports
  • Get links to reports to be used for easy sharing online or in emails/texts
  • Update account details and credit card information
Volume Batch Reports

Volume Batch Reports

VINData History allows dealers and commercial users to run reports in batches

  • Straightforward API enables programmatic data return for easy processing
  • Web site Batch reporting reduces manual work by uploading a file of VINs or copy/pasting of a group of VINs
  • The service runs each report individually – the VINs can be searched for individually by VIN or by Batch name
  • Exception Reports allow users to select events like such as title brands or liens, and the batch will highlight VINs that have that event (coming soon)
  • Name, search for, sort and view reports in previously run batches (view those report batches run within 90-days)
  • Fast and easy to use feature reduces manual work by uploading a file of VINs or copy/pasting of a group of VINs
  • Run Batch Reports in quantities of 2 up to 1000 VINs at one time. Great for pre-auction runs
  • Filter Batch Reports on “exceptions” such as title brands or liens (coming soon)
  • Name, search for, sort and view reports in previously run batches (view those report batches/individual reports run within 90-days)
Our Management Team

Our Management Team

VINData Products is founded by vehicle history data and automotive veterans with more than 70 years combined experience in the automotive market.

The company’s founders were one of the initial adopters of the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) data repository and became an authorized NMVTIS Consumer Access Provider in 2009. NMVTIS was created in response to the Anti-Car Theft Act of 1992. Its primary purpose is to prevent hidden title and damage issues for all vehicle types through real-time access of title, salvage and insurance company total loss data to state DMVs in the titling process. VINData Products combines this real-time data along with other valuable data streams to provide an alternative data source at the fraction of cost associated with competitors.

The vehicle history check information contains the most up-to-date Department of Motor Vehicle title information from participating states, along with the industry’s most complete salvage auction, junkyard and insurance company sourced total loss information. Data services like VINData History are approved by the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.

VINData Products has created the VINData History service to help customers more easily evaluate used vehicles with high value data and analytics. We understand the importance of vehicle history data and know what dealers and other users need when considering used vehicles.

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